Questions & Answers:

[Q] How long does domain registration take?
Registering a domain name takes about 10 minutes depending on how long it takes you to type your contact information and registration details.  Once you have completed this process your domain name is secured and no one else could register the same domain, even if they tried a second after you finished.  The domain would then be available for you to use on the internet within 72 hours.

[Q] How much does it cost to register a domain?
At one point there was only 1 company that offered domain registration, now there are hundreds.  Most registrars charge between $15 and $35  (USD) per year, per domain.  This site's domain was registered at for $15.

[Q] What happens when a domain name expires?
When a domain name expires (is not paid past the registration due date) it is pulled from the registry.  This means that the domain will no longer work on the internet and if someone had a web site with their domain it would no longer be reachable.  During a period after suspension the domain can be paid by the original holder and continued to be used.  If the original domain registrant does not pay the domain the domain is put back into circulation and anyone is free to register it.

[Q] Does registering a domain mean that I own it?
Yes, and no.  So long as you continue to pay your registration fees and your name does not conflict with a trademark or have other legal troubles you are free to continue using it.  It may be best to think of domains like renting rather than owning.

[Q] What is a domain name transfer and why would anyone do this?
When domain registration was opened up and numerous companies began offering registration services the domain transfer was born.  People transfer their domains to different registrars for better pricing and / or services.

[Q] Can I own more than 1 domain?
Yes.  While each domain name is unique, there is no limit to the number of domains any individual or company can register.  You should be aware that domains are billed on an annual basis so if you register a number of domains you will need to pay for them all each year.  Also, for each domain extension the same domain name prefix can be used.  For this reason you may choose to register and for example.

[Q] How can I find out information about a domain including who owns it and when it expires?
A whois lookup will provide this information. and are both sites that provide web interfaces to whois lookups.



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